Quite a few controversies have arisen after the promulgation of the long awaited Companies Ordinance 2016. In Nov 2016, after the approval of the Federal Cabinet and the President of Pakistan, the new company law has been promulgated as the Companies Ordinance, 2016.

There is an ongoing controversy that the bill will be suspended after the senate has chosen to vote against it for not being ‘approved’ by the proper parliamentary process.

However for all practical purposes, it is felt that the law, whether it becomes an Act later or not, is here to stay.

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The Companies Ordinance 2016 (Pakistan)

In this publication we have provided an analysis of the critical differences manifesting between the new Companies Ordinance 2016 and the now repealed Companies Ordinance 1984. It is highly recommended on our behalf that even as you consider applying the specific sections in a given case that reference is made to the relevant statute’s specific

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