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The Josh and Mak International offers you to opportunity to be given the very latest expert legal advice in all matters relating to immigration and citizenship for the following countries.

• United Kingdom

• Australia

• United States of America

• New Zealand

• Canada

• Denmark

• Ireland

In order to achieve our objective we operate as a full-time counseling service and our primary goal is ensure that all our clients are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and ensure that their visa applications are correct.

Immigration worldwide faces the challenge of ever changing demands and opportunities. The increasing movement of student mobility seeking international qualifications of repute is now accepted in the global market.

Planning has become an important factor for education and career development at all stages. Therefore, identifying long-term issues and assessing their impact on future goals is essential for a dynamic and successful organization.

Migration seekers must choose to have access to a professional channel of communication in order to select and plan their education and career needs wisely and implement the vital decisions about their future in a well-planned manner to ensure that their time, and their parents investment, has the result that everyone is hoping for.

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The process of filing a visa application for getting immigration abroad on any basis is not only difficult but any small mistake could lead to the rejection of the visa. At Josh and Mak our skilled professionals provide expert immigration counseling advice and give you personal attention in various fields, thus helping you to choose from the many options available to allow you to to pursue a bright future in your desired field.

We also take of the handling of your documentations, the actual filing of a visa application, promotion and presentation of your visa file, keeping track of your visa status etc. Our mission is to make the often complex process as straightforward and stress free for our clients as we possibly can. You have plenty of other things to think about, let us take care of this one.

Being Educated Abroad

Our expert team sends students to all of the countries mentioned below on study visas for undergraduate, postgraduate full time professional courses (ACCA, CIMA, ICAW) and various short term courses. Established for many years and with a reputation some of our competitors can only dream of, our clientele come from across the globe, giving us an in depth understanding of the documents required to enjoy further education in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, and New Zealand. The founding partners of Josh and Mak International have both gained first class degrees overseas, putting them in the ideal position to allow you to do the same. At the last count we are responsible for in excess of 2000 students from Pakistan completing their education overseas, so it’s easy to see why we are currently the number one law firm in Pakistan for overseas visas.

The Josh and Mak Team
If you are reading this, chances are we will become your favourite virtual law firm at some point. In an economy where businesses have lost their strategic edge and are forced to reconsider their traditional concepts of consulting bricks and mortar law firms, which bill by the minute, we can provide you with affordable quality legal advice, delivered anywhere in the world. Since 2010, our firm has already pioneered and adopted the concept of honest and practical legal advice, delivered straight to your email inbox. In the post Covid19 era, working with the Josh and Mak Team means that, you will get the same commitment, discipline and work ethic, without the heavy Bricks and Mortar and the financial baggage which comes with the latter. Let your choice to work with Josh and Mak International become your unfair strategic advantage over your business competitors of the past, present and the future!