November 25, 2020


This page lists all  verified products we can offer legal advice on for (1) procurement (2) Verification (3) Due Diligence (4)Connecting you with verified buyers.

Regarding PPE (Gloves, Masks, Face Shields, Ventilators, Vaccines ) which are available verified government contractors.

Our effort is to avoid middlemen who will inflate prices and  so if you are a genuine buyer supporting critical care workers and frontline workers, email us with proof of your identity and affiliation to a valid medical or frontline workers end-user base.

Emails of Query from valid business addresses will be preferred, please email and we will connect you to the relevant verified suppliers, authorised distributors.

Important Note as of 17 November 2020

Please contact us via a proper business email and please be transparent if you are :

(1) An independant business agent

(2) A lawyer making queries on behalf of a client

(3)An agent/employee of the Buyer who is in control of the funds allocated for the matter.


A lot of agents and intermediaries have been reported to us as trying to abuse our name and goodwill by seeking to use forged ‘Firm Letters of Attestation’ to advance their fraudulent intentions.Legal action is being taken against such people.








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