November 26, 2020

A special thanks to our Chinese Team Mr Fedor Gorshkov and Mr Zhang Yanqing, Samuel


In our 6 months of struggles within the PPE industry and legal services involving large PPE sourcing and procurement contracts, there are two gentlemen who believed in our cause and vision for making the PPE market a lot safer.One is the amazing and trusted Mr Fedor Gorshkov, our Operations Manager in China who is a well travelled young man with the knowledge of multiple languages.He has been supporting us for a long time with his analytical skills and thorough inspections and due diligence for most of our procurement contracts in China. Fedor’s firm grasp on multiple languages makes him an asset to our Firm and his support to our clients


Our second friend from China who has kindly assisted us with most of our Website translations for our Chinese clientele is Mr Zhang Yanqing, Samuel.

His excellent command of English and the Chinese language has allowed him to assist us in verifying various incoming documents from their origins and check them for authenticity against what is claimed in contracts.His business experience and unselfish support in providing us with good references of supply chains in East Asia and speaking to potential sellers and buyers within our procurement networks, has been invaluable to our contracts in China.We are truly grateful for  endless hours he has devoted over the months in advising us pro-bono on the industrial practices within the Chinese PPE sector and how it can be properly approached bearing in mind the local legal norms.

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