Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order 1979 S. 3/4–Recovery of 3 Kg. charas–Witnesses faced test of cross-examination but no material discrepancy could come to record–Report of Chemical Examiner being positive in nature defence advanced by appellant appeared to be afterthought and documents brought by him on record could not provide any strength to defence version–S.H.O. not examined because he had gone to Bosnia officially but his signatures were verified by Sub-Inspector who was a member of raiding party–No discrepancy pointed out in impugned order–Appeal dismissed. PLJ 2003 Cr.C. (Lahore) 241 Recovery of heroin of 3 Kg–Conviction and sentence of 12 years R.I.-Appeal against–During trial police official witnesses had not even been suggested by defence that they. had any animosity against appellant whatsoever–Non-inclusion of any private witness as a witness of recovery from appellant has not been found to be defect serious enough to vitiate appellant’s conviction–Official witnesses had made consistent statements and contradictions in their statements highlighted by learned counsel for appellant have been found to be minor and not of much significance–Appeal dismissed