Appellant was not accompanying his co-accused when they were apprehended by ANF–Allegations levelled by prosecution against him was that he deals in narcotics through his servants has not been proved on record to connect him with commission of crime–Learned counsel for ANF has vehemently argued by placing reliance on S. 15 of CNSO, 1995 that appellant was equally liable fop conviction being abetter, associate, consulting with co-accused, but no evidence had been produced by prosecution–In criminal law every person was liable for his individual act and no one could be convicted for act of his employee or servant–His case throughout before I.0 as well as in Court was that he had been implicated due to local political rivalry with a former Senior Minister of Punjab Government through his brother in law, who was Assistant Director in ANF and this fact had not been denied by prosecution–Held : Prosecution has failed to prove its case against appellant by convincing and unimpeachable evidence–Appeal accepted.