S. 7–Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 (V of 1898) S. 410–Offence u/S. 324 PPC–Conviction for–Appeal against–Appellant/accused is also guilty for offence harbouring etc. (S. 216 PPC), therefore, he will also be charged u/S. 216 PPC which comes within jurisdiction of Special Court as per para a (ii) of schedule of Act, 1975–Moreover T.T. Pistol (weapon of offence) was recovered from him–Commission of an offence by an accused with an automatic or semi automatic weapon including a T.T. Pistol, was an act of terrorism which creates sensation in general public–In such like cases accused deserves a speedy trial–Appellant did not object on jurisdiction of Special Court during trial–Held: Trial of appellant held by Special Judge under Act, 1975 does not suffer from jurisdictional defect