S. 45–Appellate jurisdiction of High Court and Prohibition Order of 4 of 1979 Art. 3/4–Appellants convicted u/s Arts. 3 & 4 and sentenced to two years R.I.–Appeal against conviction, whether is to Federal Shariat Court or High Courts–Question of–Federal Shariat Court directing appellants to avail remedy before proper forum, Art. 203-F (i) (ii), to be relevant to determine binding effect of decisions of Federal Shariat Court in exercise of its jurisdiction–Right of appeal against any judgment, allowed to an accused before Honable Supreme Court U/A 203-F (2A) & (2B) of Constitution–Any other order/sentence passed in exercise of Appellate Jurisdictions of Federal Shariat Court, that will have no binding effect on High Court or other subordinate Courts become nothing, mentioned in Art. 203 GG of constitution